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Is Delta 10 the Right Compound for Me?

Delta 10 is mild enough to keep you on your feet and energizing enough to get you wanting to stay on your feet. If what you want is the intense effects of delta 9 or the mind-altering effects of HHC, delta 10 may be a little too mild for you.

If you’re new to the world of cannabis and feel a little intimidated by delta 9 or even delta 8, however, this is the cannabinoid for you! Because it’s so mild, we recommend delta 10 for beginners looking to dip their toes in hemp-derived products.

If you already love weed but find its effects to make you… somewhat underproductive, delta 10 may be the compound to save your butt. Although its effects are mild, delta 10 certainly has a kick. Maybe it won’t get you hallucinating like THCO, but it will undoubtedly have you feeling nice and giddy in no time (especially if you dose it right).

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